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Long Bay Village Q&A Sessions, Part 4

Hi Little Local! Please introduce yourself 👋

Hi, I'm Chris, I have been in the hospitality career for 14 years. I worked for 4 years as a chef and 10 years as a barista. My main interests are cooking, gardening, coffee, and technology (graduated as E&E engineering).

What is the most popular coffee order? ☕️

The most common order here at Little Local is large double Flat White, followed by Latte, and plant-based milk is getting more popular.

What new things are coming to Little and Local? 🙌

We are getting a major upgrade on our brewing equipment in the near future. Starting with a brand-new espresso machine, ‘Eagle One’ from Victoria Arduino and a new grinder from Mahlkönig. This, along with other new barista tools and equipment will help me to craft the perfect coffee for all to enjoy.

We also want to introduce new coffee beans to our menu like organic, single origin and seasonal blend. We are just getting more serious in coffee and we want to become a spot to attract people to the Village in the future.

What else do you serve at Little Local? 🍩

As for baked goods, I will do major change after the coffee make over. For now, almond croissant, muffins, doughnuts and cronuts are available. A local favourite are our very popular bagels! We use bagels from Best Ugly – but you will find our bagels are not ugly at all and taste delicious!

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